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On this website you will find free guides with the purpose of increasing you computer’s or phone’s performance. Unique tweaks that can’t be find nowhere on the internet.
Mobile apps are also an area that TheViciousGames deals with. On our Play Store channel you can find useful tools like Refresh Rate Checker,HDR Checker,PingMark and other apps you should try.You cand find more about our apps in the upper right corner, “Mobile apps”.

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TheViciousGames is an idea,a plan or you can call it a dream,made with passion and desire.You can already see what this is about,developing and customizing.

This idea came along in the Fall of 2018 and came to reality few months later.

  • Creator and publisher of :

    • Mobile games and applications.

    • Windows .NET applications.

    • Windows games.

    • Windows 10 performance guides.

    • Android tweaking guides.



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