Resolution Checker

App Overview

Resolution Checker,you Android phone's display resolution right in front of your eyes!

  • If you’re interested in seeing your smarthphone’s screen resolution then this is the best app you can download right now! Yes,I mean only resolution and real resolution,no other useless informations like SDK version or phone model,we’re talking about just the resolution.
  • It will display 2 resolution: real resolution and resolution.Let’s see what’s the difference between the two.Resolution is the size of the display, in pixels. Value showed here does not necessarily represent the actual raw size (native resolution) of the display and real resolution is size of the display without subtracting any window decor or applying any compatibility scale factors.Yes,this is for nerds,but let’s explain shortly: resolution is the pixels without Android UI elements like navigation bar or status bar and real resolution will show you the full one (the one you see on your phone’s specifications).
  • Very small size (like any of our apps),it only does what the title says and nothing else.
  • Non-malicious code implemented like trackers,location,privacy “enemies”.
  • The app is free,you can find it on Play Store.
  • Open source,Github link is below.
  • No ads!
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  • Android 8.0+
  • Every CPU/phone model


  • Soon


  1. Resolution
  2. Real Resolution


  1. Download the app from the link above
  2. Open it
  3. Your resolution and real resolution will be displayed