Root Checker

App Overview

Find out if your Android phone is rooted! Yes,there are many root checkers available but this is unique.

  • As you know,there are many “root checkers” on the Play Store but many of them are boated with useless information and other annoying features.That’s what make TheViciousGames’ Root Checker unique!
  • It has a simple code and it does only what it’s supposed to do.You can check out the code on Github!
  • It’s very lightweight and so simple to use.While launching for the first time,you will be asked for root permission (if you’re rooted) but if you’re not rooted you will simple see the message “not rooted” on your screen.
  • No trackers or any other anti-privacy features.We do not care about your personal information or location as many other big companies or even smaller one do.
  • No ads implemented at the moment!
  •  Don’t forget to leave a positive review and a 5-star rating.Hope you will check out more apps created by TheViciousGames.Always secure and lightweight!



  • Android 8.0+
  • Any CPU and model


  • Soon


  1. Root checking


  1. Download the app from the link above
  2. Open it
  3. If you’re Android is rooted you will see “ROOTED” if not,”NOT ROOTED” !