S20 Advanced Menu

App Overview

"s20 Advanced Menu" is an app that let the user unlock and instantly change certain limits imposed by Samsung.

  • You might ask yourself what I’m talking about,right?
  • First,you need to unlock your S20 (it can be any version),you will find how to on XDA Forum,just search for S20 Topic and find the thread.You can even install a custom rom and a custom kernel.Custom recovery is a neccesity for having a rooted Android phone.
  • So,what do I mean with unlocking limits imposed by Samsung?As you should know,Samsung locks many features (they have their own reasons,I think).Let’s see some of them: 120hz on WQHD,high refresh rate while Power Saver in enabled,WQHD resolution while Power Saver is enabled,adaptive refresh rate can’t be set from Samsung’s settings and many others.
  • And now let’s see what the app really does:
  • Feature #1.Boost – boosts your phone by killing every useless apps or service from background,cleans some of the cache,trims the storage,clears useless debugging logs and buffers (more will be added soon).
  • Feature #2.Reboot – you can easily reboot your phone,you choose if your S20 will reboot to system,to recovery mode or download mode.No more useless rituals like pressing x,y and plug the charger.Can be switch while Power saver is on.
  • Feature #3.Resolution – switch between the three available resolution (HD+,FHD+,WQHD+).It switches instantly.Can be switch while Power saver is on.
  • Feature #4.Static Refresh Rate – switch between the four available refresh rates.Yes!Four of them are available (not 2 like stock).48/60/96/120 Hz.While choosing 96 and 120 hz the resolution will be set to 3199×1439 (almost WQHD which is 3200×1440).We’re working on unlocking full 120@WQHD.
  • Feature #5.Adaptive Refresh Rate – this one is not available on stock settings or any other Rom or tweak.This is unique,it’s leaked Samsung feature and you won’t find it anywhere else.
  • Feature #6.Power Saving Mode – switch INSTANTLY between off and on.Those useless spent 5 seconds while waiting for enabling the Power Saver are over!No resolution or refresh rate penaly either!
  • Feature #7.ADB Debugging – enable or disable ADB Debugging (please leave this enabled,you can save your phone sometimes!).
  • It’s a paid app,very cheap,you can check the price on Play Store at the link below.
  • It has a nice design,beautiful UI and a greate user experience.
  • Lightweight (as always).
  • No useless code implemented for tracking like Firebase,Analytics,etc.
  • The free version of the app is open source.You can experience it (limited features) by downloading the APK from Github.
  • If you bought it and liked it,please leave a positive feedback on the store.We would really appreciate that!Thank you for reading!



  • Android 10+
  • Rooted Samsung Galaxy S20 (any version)




  1. Boost
  2. Reboot/Recovery/Download Mode
  3. Resolution
  4. Static Refresh Rate
  5. Adaptive Refresh Rate
  6. Power Saving Mode
  7. ADB Debugging


  1. Switch options that way you wish