Nvidia DCH Control Panel without UWP (Windows Store)

Guide Overview


  • There are many gamers or even simple laptop users that have encountered this unfair and idiotic issue,being stuck with Nvidia DCH drivers.Why is this a problem? Because the control panel can be installed only through Windows Store,the panel is not a simple executable .exe file but a UWP app.Tweakers who are interested in getting the maximum performance and very low latency are debloating useless things like the store and they cannot install DCH Control Panel.Below you have the solution.

What will you achieve with this guide?

  • Nvidia Control Panel for DCH Drivers without UWP App/Windows Store installation

Who is this guide for?

  • Nvidia GPU users only (at the moment)
  • Windows 10 users

How this works?

  1. You will install Nvidia DCH driver
  2. Download the files from the link below
  3. Open Control Panel

Youtube Tutorial


  • Windows 10

Download Link


  (shortened for small income)

Files Overview

  • These are the files you will download (inside .zip file):

  1. nvcplui.exe -Control Panel executable
  2. nvcpluir.dll
  3. nvGpuUtilization.exe
  4. NvStereoUtilityOGL.exe
Nvidia DCH Driver


  • Simply open “nvcplui.exe” and voilà,control panel is opened.
DCH Control Panel
  • Now let’s see what differences are between standard control panel and this one:
  • “Original” Control Panel:
  • This Control Panel:
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