Force 4K UHD on 1080p/1440p displays

Guide Overview


  •  Netflix has blocked us from changing the bitrate when watching a movie or a tv show.Fortunately below you will find the solution to get a higher content quality without having a 4k UHD display.You can enjoy this “hack” even with a low-end laptop.Have fun!

What will you achieve with this guide?

  • 4K UHD quality content on Netflix

Who is this guide for?

  • Nvidia GPU users only (at the moment)
  • Windows 10 users with Netflix application installed from Windows Store

How this works?

  1. We will create a  4k “fake” resolution on you display
  2. Netflix will detect a 4K UHD display
  3. 4K content will be available for you to watch


  • Windows 10
  • Netflix app installed.
  • Some .bat files to automatize this process.Open the link below.

Download Link

  (shortened for small income)

Files Overview

  • These are the files you will download (inside .zip file):

  1. ChangeTo4k.bat
  2. ChangeTo1080p.bat
  3. ChangeTo1440p.bat
  4. Netflix app shortcut
  5. QRes.exe
  6. StartNetflix.bat


  • Download Netflix from Windows Store (if you don’t have it yet).
  • Log-in.
  • Check any TV show or movie you should know should be 4K.
E.g. “Sense8”,you can see it’s only HD on this 1080p screen.

force 4k uhd netflix
  • Open Nvidia Control Panel,go to “Manage 3D Settings” and “Global Settings”.
  • Change ” DSR – Factors ” to :
  1. 1080p ->  4.00x (native resolution)  
  2. 1440p ->  3.00x (native resolution)  
  • Press “Ok” and “Apply”.
  • Download the files from the above link
  • Double click on “StartNetflix.bat”
  • Done,watch 4k UHD movies
  1. 1080p ->  4.00x (native resolution)  
  2. 1440p ->  3.00x (native resolution)  
  • Press “Ok” and “Apply”.
Same display after following the steps:
netflix bitrate
  • Revert resolution by clicking on:
  1. ChangeTo1080p.bat for 1080p display.
  2. ChangeTo1440p.bat for 1440p display.