Nvidia Profile Inspector – Hidden GPU Settings

Guide Overview


  • Nvidia’s Control Panel is a great solution to view and edit GPU related settings but sometimes a lot of the settings are hidden and not shown in control panel even though they exist.Nvidia Profile Inspector solves this issue,you can edit and review almost every hidden and not hidden settings of your GPU.Very easy to use,very easy to learn,below is the guide:

What will you achieve with this guide?

  • You will learn how to use Nvidia Profile Inspector

Who is this guide for?

  • Nvidia GPU users only (at the moment)
  • Windows 7 /Windows 10 users

How this works?

  • Nvidia Profile Inspector is a tool that can read hidden Nvidia settings located in registries.
  • You should use this because you can gain a boost in performance,latency or input lag,depends on the settings set in a certain profile (.nip file).
  1. Download the files from the link below
  2. Import the profile
  3. Play

Youtube Tutorial


  • Windows 10

Download Link


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Files Overview

  • These are the files you will download (inside .zip file):

  1. nvidiaProfileInspector.exe
  2. A settings profile created for maximum FPS and maximum smoothness (the one used in Smooth Guide)
  3. A settings profile create for low latency,low input lag.Made by Riot#0010


  • After downloading the files,open nvidiaProfileInspector.exe
nvidia profile inspector
  • Click on “Import profile(s)” then browse to the .nip files you just downloaded and press “Open”. Wait for the loading bar to fill up and click on “Apply changes”.