• Windows doesn’t come with a gaming-ready experience and some people hate this.Many tweaking communities researched and tested different settings and methods of increasing the performance of Microsoft’s Windows 0S.RevisionOs is is the best among them and that’s why you should install and try their ISOs by playing your favorite games.Have fun gaming,you will feel like you got a brand new computer!

About RevisionOS

    • ReviOs is a tweaking community.They create custom Windows images (ISOs),pre-tweaked,debloated,super-fast,low latency,FPS boosted.
  • The following ISOs are available:
  1. Windows 10 1709-Best for competitive gaming. (low latency)
  2. Windows 10 2004-Best for performance and compatibility. (high FPS and best overall performance)

How can I use this?

  • You can simply visit their site :
  • Follow the information written on their site.
  • The whole process is easy:
  1. Download the ISO you wish to install (Try both)
  2. Download Rufus
  3. Using Rufus,put the ISO on a USB memory and make it bootable
  4. Boot from the USB
  5. Format your current drives (back up first what you need) and install Revi
  6. Follow my Smooth Guide here:

You need more information?

  • You can join Revision’s Discord server here:
  • There are many users on their server that are ready to help
  • New tweaks are discovered everyday


  • Computer
  • USB Memory

Personal opinion and experience

One year ago I was randomly searching ways about how can I boost my old laptop’s performance on Google.I tried many tweaks,some worked but some didn’t.After trying a couple of things I found a Youtube channel with some good and long videos about tweaking Windows 10.I watched all these videos and tweaked my laptop by following these. I joined the Discord server of that guy.Time passed and there was a new channel created by some other guys from that server,it was called “RevisionOS”.Seemed interesting to me so I joined.They were creating already tweaked ISOs and also they had a lot of new information about Windows,about how it works and how it can be improved.I was fascinated about what they were doing so I learned some tweaking by myself.One year later I’m a “Revisionist” (a special role).And that’s how I created tweaking guides and content related to tweaking like Smooth Guide,Throttlestop Guide or any other guide you will find here.Why this should be important to you?

Because as I said,you can learn many things,you can tweak your computer,you can make it faster,you can even discover new tweaks or even create guides and all this for free,you only need time and some brain work.

All this thanks to RevisionOS,they deserve a lot.

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