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Guide Overview


  • Microsoft doesn’t really give us the best experience performance-wise but it is understandable,Windows has to run right on every computer so maximum compatibility is needed.RevisionOS takes care of this problem,they tweak Windows targeting maximum performance but sometimes that is still not enough.By tweaking further you can get even more of a boost in terms of gaming experience.Follow the guide below,good luck,you might learn something new!
  • Mid-end and high-end PCs will certainly achieve a high FPS value so we will focus on different things.
  • Yes,”Smooth Guide” for low-end PCs is different than “Smooth Guide for mid-end and high-end computers.First,older CPUs are slower and they do not react well when certain devices (GPU,LAN,etc) are set on certain cores.This is called affinity,you can read more about it here.

What will you achieve with this guide?

  • Maximum Smoothness (this is the real deal)
  • Higher FPS (lower in some cases but consistent)
  • Lower Latency

Who is this guide for?

  • Nvidia GPU users only (at the moment)
  • People that desire a great singleplayer (or even multiplayer) experience
  • People who can sacrifice quality for performance


This guide is made and tested ONLY on RevisionOS

  • This is their official website:
  • Follow the information on their site
  • Follow this guide

Do not forget!

  • This is a post-install guide for RevisionOS.That is required. How to install?
  • The most important part of a PC is the BIOS. BIOS has to be your primary target:
  • There are 2 version of this guide,one of them will debloat Windows Store (cannot be recovered,only by reinstalling) and the other one won’t.Make sure you download the one you need.If you’re playing Windows Store games like Forza Horizon or you use Netflix App download the second version.

The Guide

Download Link (contains ads)



  • Warning! RevisionOS is a must,this works best with their custom,tweaked OS.

Youtube Link


Video tutorial for newbies,begginers.

Files Overview

  • You will download a .zip archive (compressed to maximum for fast download).
  • After you extracted the archive you will see a couple of folders,each folder has certain tweaks.
  • Follow the step from below,enjoy and have fun!


  • Warning! RevisionOS is a must,this works best with their custom OS.
  • After you downloaded and installed RevisionOS.Look here about installing.
  • Activate your Windows copy.
  • Download the files uploaded here.
  • Go to “1.Important”:
    • ->”1.1. Trusted Installer” and run “install.bat” as Administrator.
    • ->”1.2. StartIsBack” and run “StartIsBack.exe”,install.
  • Go to “2.GPU”:
    • Debloat your favorite GPU driver as seen here. Repackage the driver and put it here (you may need it for next reinstall).
  • Go to “3.Tweaks”:
    • Run “1.Nsudo”,check “Enable all privileges”,browse and open “AIO_Script_1.bat from the same folder.Your PC will restart.
    • Run “1.Nsudo”,check “Enable all privileges”,browse and open “AIO_Script_2.bat from the same folder.Your PC will restart.
    • Run “1.Nsudo”,check “Enable all privileges”,browse and open “AIO_Script_3.bat from the same folder.Your PC will restart.
  •  2.

Other Tips

  • Disable Fullscreen Optimizations
    • By doing this,in most games you will achieve more FPS and less input lag.
    • Not every game behaves the same,you have to try each of you games.
    • Learn how to do it here.
  • Use RivaTuner’s Scanline Sync
    • Get rid of tearing and achieve maximum smoothness,this is the big deal.
    • This is the tutorial.
  • Use V-Sync,G-Sync
    • If you cannot use Scanline Sync then try V-Sync (it’s not as good but it does the job).
    • G-Sync is the best of the two,disable any other sync and use G-Sync.
    • LINK
  • Cap your FPS to an achievable value
    • Cap your FPS to your display refresh rate -2 if you can achieve that. E.g (142 cap for 144Hz)
    • If you can’t achieve the same value as your refresh rate then cap your fps to an achievable value
    • More here.
  • Set your game’s priority to HIGH
    • In some games this will be better,in other games this will not affect at all the gameplay.Try for every game
    • Learn how to,here

Personal Assistance

  • If you cannot do this by yourself or you need assistance for finding the best settings for your computer,please leave a message on Discord.
  • TheViciousGames Discord Server Invitation Link:
  • TheViciousGames (