Quick Virus Scan&Removal Guide

Guide Overview


  •  These days most of users of Windows do not use antiviruses,they eat a lot of resources and in most of the cases they are useless if you surf the web in a right way.Unfortunately sometimes malwares get to us even if we are very careful.

What will you achieve with this guide?

  • Your PC will be fully scanned all malware will be removed (no Antivirus)

Who is this guide for?

  • Windows users

How this works?

  1. Download the needed software
  2. Follow the guide steps
  3. Enjoy your virus-free computer

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  • Windows 10


  • Download and install MalwareBytes or ESET Online Scanner or both of them.
  • Make sure you use the following settings:
malware scan
  • Choose the scan type you want:
  • Make sure ESET doesn’t delete/quarantine a file or folder you need!
  • Disable “Periodic Scanning”:
  • Check “Delete application data on closing”:
  • MalwareBytes:
  • ¬†Click “Maybe Later”:
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  • Disable every Real-Time Protection and press “Scan”:
  • MalwareBytes will now scan you files.
  • After everything is done you can uninstall everything.